Soccer Mommy


Soccer Mommy

Sometimes, Forever

Hear the city roar
A creature that feeds behind closed doors
There's nothing it needs
But money and greed
And a warm place to sleep
And the men up on the hill
Are playing their cards like it's all for thrills
But what about us
We're playing for blood
And we're playing for keeps

Sometimes I dream there's a gate to the garden
That only the earth could break through
But what is a dream but a light in the darkness
A lie that you wish would come true

All the busy wires
A new conversation spreads likе fire
It's keeping us warm
But I see a storm
Coming over the clouds
And thе rain will pound us down
And before we know the world will drown
We're gonna sink
We stand at the brink
Right before the big plunge

Sometimes I dream that the dam at the river
Will keep out the flooding of blue
But what is a dream but a hope you hold onto
A lie that you wish would come true

Compositor: Sophie Allison

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