Snow Patrol

The Only Noise

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol - The Only Noise

it's not perfect but it's
from the first take it's the
one that i did with you here

it seems careless that i
shouldn't care less but it's
the only noise i have of yours

i'm so tired because
you'd been so fired up and
there was no keeping up with you

it's no triumph i knew i was for the high jump but i
delighted in my best mistake

i only thought of me
i only thought of me
and now you're all i see
now you're all i see

reading backwards i see
where the attack was which in
real time came out of the blue

it's a weakness that i
love this bleakness over any constant happiness

shake me out of this
take me out of this
carry me with love
bury me in love

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