It's gonna take me ages to prove this...
It's gonna take me ages to get this point across...
Hmmm... whatever.

Hey glory, you little whore
I know what you're looking for
Come out and play - I won't hurt you
You know I'm blind and I lost my virtue
I know you love those with big blue eyes
But they must be telling lies
Hands up for a brand new start
Lesson one: abandon the heart

Because it's useless
And it's bound to be tasteless
Purely helpless
And exclusively worthless, worthless

And just 'cos you make me taste this shit
Things aren't gonna change
And just 'cos you make me feel like this
It don't mean you can turn the page

I don't need it know
You don't need it now
We don't need our hearts today

Don't test me
'Cos I won't pass
Be this, be that... Right.
Kiss my ass
Be useful - breed a leech
Ta-taa! What a malnourished bitch
What - you think I've come here to be your guest?
Oh, please babes, you're just like the rest
Come on now, throw it away
Trust me - we don't need our hearts today.

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