Burning fast
One end passed
Not the first and not the last
Lost and found
Found and drowned
Do you choose the ones that break you down?

A thousand pleads to erase my needs
I hold my breath as it all repeats
It bleeds as tossed as I once was
It falls apart because that's what it does

I know those words are mine - I've heard them before
I know these words are mine - I've said them before

It hurts like it always did
And I don't feel like fighting it
It's cold as it always was
And I don't need to know the cause
I'm tired...

To hold is such a waste of touch
Feelings left because they felt too much
Crows cry the same lullaby
And this time I don't need to wonder why I know those words are mine...

Everything's repeating, repeating again
Everything's repeating all over again

I'm tired of being hurt
I'm tired of each and every word
I'm tired of fighting fear
I'm tired of each and every tear

I'm tired, tired, tired of being here...

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