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Things I Can't See


You need to learn how to put things behind you
If they need to they’ll come back and find you
It’s people like you that make it easy
For people like me to be pleasing

Yeah, your wit’s screaming loud
Except I can’t hear it
Your grace’s in my face
Except I can’t see it
Your charm’s in the air
Why the hell don’t I feel it?
I guess your value won’t get to me
Will it?

Back off
(Who’d you think I was?)
My patience is through
(Quit testing these jaws)
I got better things to do
(I’ll tear your sleazy eyes off me)
Than to look up to you
(I won’t look up to things that I just can’t see)

You’re nowhere near the path I choose to walk
And you’re the cheapest thing I’ve ever heard talk
It’s people like you that make it hard to care
Shut your mouth, you’re polluting the air

If you can’t read my mind then just read my lips
My advice is you run off before my hand slips
Your power’s everywhere
Why the hell don’t I feel it?
Spare your potential
´cos I don’t believe it

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