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(Sleep Well) Jermaine


Sleep well, Jermaine
We’re on our own
They’re all gone
We’re all alone
I’ve heard it all
All the strings you pulled
You pretty thing
You had me fooled

Sleep well, Jermaine you...
Sleep ´till your lips turn blue
´Till all your filthy lies eat you through
It bled from right to wrong
And you knew it all along
Jermaine – you’re through
My roses died and so will you

Sleep well, Jermaine
Hear me sing
What you did
Was a bad bad thing
There are things in life
You cannot destroy
What were you thinking, Jermaine?
I’m not your toy

Sleep well, Jermaine
´Till you turn blue
´Till all your lies
Eat you through
I’ll remember your name
And our priceless past
May this heavenly moment
Be your last

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