Was it more than ordinary?
Precious, favorite, necessary?
Did I think that I could change your greed?
Would I ever let you change me?
Was I thinking about you all the time?
Was I gonna die if you weren´t mine?
Was I gonna make you feel OK?
Were you gonna love me either way?

No, no, no, I don´t think you know me yet

I got a „no“ for your patience
A „no“ for your pity
A big „no“ for how much you care
„No“ for your pleads and all your questions
A big „no“ for who you were
So make yourself useful
Get out of my life
Disappear or whatever, just go, go
You got three words for me
But I got three for you too
And that´s no, no and no

Were you something I wouldn´t want to miss?
Did you ever know how much I´d risk?
Would I cry if you made me bleed?
Were you gonna make it up to me?

Did you know how easily you´d break?
Do I think that it was by mistake?

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