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Life Needs Fools


I build up a tower
You lock me in
When I call it strength
You call it sin
Sugar coat the hammer
Then crush my frozen spine
You can't see the truth
But I'm wrong all the time

Look who's watching you from the bloody frame
Dead meat is born from your memory-flavored pain
Look who's watching as repentance grows
You know you're made of the things you chose

Things I can't say seem to slit my throat
Your mesmerized children stand and quote
Find me a master - I'm so ready to betray
Tell me... what would you do without me in your way?

Isn't it sad to see yourself on a lonely track
The only thing beautiful is you can't go back

Fever and truce meet an allergic mind
I'm tired of things so easy to find
I said skip all you fuckin' anthems
The mermaid has drowned
And every word makes an ugly sound

Look who's watching you get down on your knees
Dead meat is alive - you can do as you please
Look who's watching you - look me in the eye
I'm only made of the things you deny

The devil needs a rebel and the rebel needs rules
Rules need life and life needs fools...

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