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If I'm Not Me Then Who Is


Smile at everyday wounds
Smile at how fast they fade
Don't bother - it's useless
Dreams always get their way
If hope ever dies - drag it along the way
If everything breaks - whatever then, it's ok

I'm not sorry
I like my story
If it hurts too long
Then it must be wrong

There's not a tear I cried without knowing why
Not a fear I choked without saying goodbye
Don't make fuss about daily bruises
Everytime doubt plays along it loses
You're not real - only what I choose is
My only excuse is: I don't need excuses

If I'm not me then who is?

Smile when despair comes
Smile again as it leaves
I only look tall because you're down on your knees

If you feel hated
Why not decorate it?
If it hurts too long
Then hell yeah, it's wrong

Dreams - they're reasons not excuses

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