Why Cry

Snoop Dogg

Regravação de Oowee

Oowee ft. snoop dogg

[snoop talking]
Oh well we gonna bail through the lbc
Oh yeah we gonna do this thang here g
An yall know I'm from the big 213
This is the big snoopy d oh double g
With my nephew oowee
And we gonna make it funky yall
Cause that's all we know how to do
Can you dig it

[verso 1 oowee]
Yo may I kick a little something for the g's
And all my little homies out creeping
It's two in the morning
And my parties still jumping
cause my momma don't care

You know me I get plenty drough to blow in the air
You can tell if a chicken if going if she going she stare
But no there gonna be plenty chickens going in here
So just tell em they ain't goin less they going in pairs

Now I'm sitting in the living room sipping petron
And they keep saying I'll be sick in the morning
So what you want to do
See I love gettign twisted and my homeboys do too

They know it's us when we pull up in the blue cruise
Top down cristal for the whole crew
And we gonna try to burn a pound to this
G's up hoes down while my young niggas bounce to this

[coro 2 x]
Why cry dry ya eyes
it's just oowee and snoop dogg in the ride
But how some way we keep coming up
with funky ass hits like every day

Now that I got me a couple of ends
Leave them haters outside ha they can't get in
See me sipping hypno with a taste of hen
Little mama getting low why don't cha taste ya friend
These the type of things that happen all of the time
Might call em in the room but don't call em mine
When they see me on the road
yea they drawas get signed
But when they try to hit me up
get their card declined
But that depends on they donts and do's
Let em know pimpin on the move young o
And I ain't known to lose
I want to know what you want to do
I see you leaning and you on it good
You gotta luv the way I'm keeping it hood
I tell you baby call me durty
I'm from deep in the woods
When you hear the young stitches
say that I'm nice though
I stay with a bad chick sweating my ice loc

[coro 2 x]
Why cry dry ya eyes
it's just oowee and snoop dogg in the ride
But how some way we
keep coming up with funky ass hits like every day

Yo when I'm here you will notice me I roll with g's
Watch for what there showing me
Got grown women in here trying to get a hold of me
Naw I don't want to dance
Sit naw I'd rather stand
Please beleive money turn a boy into a grown man
I'll have you feeling like ya shit ain't enuf
Soon as ya chick see the rims on my truck
Ya have to hold her back
If lil mama got some dukes in her cup
She can come over I'll be feelin her up
Let's see you throw it down

Yeah im sure yu wanna role with the crew
State to state niggas know what we do
Come through first soft niggas buying the bar
When we leave three broads looking fly in the car
It don't matter if
I'm down south up north east to the westide
My chick on the right gonna hve a check on the leftside
So lil mama get to rollin my trees
And understand that you rollin with g's

[coro 4 x]

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