Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

[Verse 1]
RMM, we so fresh
We well known when we out in the West
RMM, we so fly
We them niggas that your girl wanna try
RMM, we get cash
Put you in a video quick, so fast
RMM, that's that shit
'Cause me and Big P, you see, is all on a bitch
That's RMM, we so crazy
RMM, that's somethin' for the ladies
RMM, sign on the line
And if you ain't a dime, get the fuck up out of mine
That's RMM, blowin' like the Internet
Fuck with me, baby girl, shit, bitch, I've been a vet
RMM, give you what you're missin'
No tongue kissin', just some direction, attention
Head to the skeezigh, look at how we ease by
Shots of Patron for the fleezigh
RMM, back on the block
Take you out the neighbourhood and show you how we really rock
RMM, see we ain't playin'
The sales're on our face so you can see what we sayin'
RMM, draped to a T
Happy C Day to my nigga Big Percey
RMM, down with Tha Pound
In other words, nigga, we don't really fuck around
This is RMM, we so fly
We them niggas that your girl wanna try
RMM, somethin' for the ladies

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