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Ridin' In My Chevy

Snoop Dogg

Ego Trippin'

ridin in my chevy n im sittin at the light (at the light)
i got kush in my blood
sippin remy keep it pimpin wit my pinky off the (sumthin)
all the people when they see me like snoop turn it up!

i'm in my zone ma' fucka
get stuck in the ribs by old bone crusher
2 tone leather with a soul of a hustler
tryna stack mail stealin clothes from my brother
people wanna know am i close to my mother
im a premature baby im ahead of the others
yes im aware of the gutter
ahead of my time, the games gettin smothered
i stay on the grind but its only gettin rougher
niggas think im playin til they smokin like a muffler
bout to take flight the name open on u bustas
catch me if u can in a world full of suckaz
niggaz keep sinfin, they wanna be usher
until they get they eyes n coffin closed by the usher
them punches wont work u need more muster
lord lay em down he need no sufferin


hmm.. on my road to riches
i done seen a lot of roaches n bitchez
thats why the dogg keep goin the distance
but niggas dont know when to listen
thats why i load ammunition n stay in touch wit my competition
im in touch wit my composition
roll a blunt, its the kush
yeah we got prescriptions
just a g 5 no aggressions
pick a side, yeah u know we crippin
and thru my eyes i see the world different
a hundred G's to record wit em
hit the gas get me more engine
this is sumtin that was born in em
no game for a bitch jus for fit em
im in tune gimme more rythm
i let the bullets and the swords hit em
aw please like a force emblem
now make dead with the mortician
nigga its big snoop dogg ya best to listen ya heard me

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