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Passenger Seat

Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

[Verse 1]
Quick draw - I'm fast on my heat
Buckle up and take a ride in my passenger seat
Put your feet to the pavement, look at my behavement
See how, the be how, and trip what I was raised with
Can't no nigga fade me, bangin' like the 80s
Had a lot of money with a handful of babies
Boy, this shit is crazy - straight from the turf
Hit the red alert and ask Mack if that'll work
(So I slide to the spizot, right behind the lizide) ?
(And get a bag of pizot, avoid getting hizocked) ?
('Cause hizabs is on me, they want me, but I can't fold) ?
I'm an Eastside rider, I was born to roll
Never tell to be told, never sell to be sold
On the level, what a rebel, boy, I stay in control
And I'mma let you ride with me so you can see how it goes
And we'll hit the track and let you peep out some hoes
And if you like what you see, and you agree with me
Then you enjoy my perspective of the LBC
Kick back and roll up, and mix the Henny with the soda
We ridin' like we flyin' through the system of solar
And the aroma of doja, the atmospherin' we hearin'
Since I'm the driver I'm ridin' with rear-end super suspension
The misson can't be completed 'til you get that vibe
Now you're mobbin' to the beat on the passenger side

Lean back, roll up, this is how it go
Windows down, music up, this is how we blow
Lean back, roll up, this is how it go
Windows down, music up, this is how we blow

[Verse 2]
We in the tre, so I'mma dip it slow
Next stop is the liquor store
Last sip, pour it back
so good, I had to get some more of that
Yeah... and now we on tizilt
Interior, mizilk - exterior, sizilk
Okay, okay, alright - say it like all day
In the tre with the dawgs, that's the player life
how you feel now?
I know - you probably want the wheel now
But I can't and I ain't, so just roll up some more of that dank
And pour some more of that drank
And hand me that CD so I can let the shit knock
Live in the drop
You can hear it when we comin', we speedin' up the block
While we're beatin' up the block, it's 'bout to go down
Slip-sliding, rip-riding with my broham, haha

[Hook x2]

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