Oh Sookie

Snoop Dogg

I wanna do bad things with you
I wanna do real bad things with you

What's happenin? Sookie
It's Snoop Dogg
I'm only in Bon Temps for one day
Come close baby
I'm the Dogg that don?t bite
Woof, woof

Oh Sookie
Let me get in your head
Oh Sookie
We can lay in the bed
Oh Sookie
Choose a player like me
Do it in the daytime with the D-O double G
Oh Sookie
Can I take you away
Oh Sookie
You ever been to LA?
Oh Sookie
Come and play on my team
We'll do it in the daytime
Bill won?t know a thing

Oh sookie
Take this mary jay cookie
And roll with the Dogg, vampires can't hook me
You outta Bon Temps
You need a Bon pimp
A real Don Juan
You might get whipped
Yellow cars ain't fly
So hop in my jet
Try to read my mind
You might get wet
Choose big or lose big
I know all the spots
Then order you a gin and juice at Merlotte?s


Leave a stain on my brain
Can a dog get some love
Won't trick you like Eric
And make you drink blood
Sookie Stackhouse but Snopp he stack a grip
Sam ain?t a man he done turned into a bitch
Bill ain't for real
He ain't True blood
Snoop is a G
I smoke true bud
Wanna be a vampire
Gotta listen up
I hit you with a glamour
I think you wanna suck these nuts


See Sookie
You should come try some of this
You know I get more pussy than your brother
Oh yeah and bring a friend
Matter fact bring your best friend, Tara
I got some real eggs for her to eat
And these eggs come with a whole lot of cheese and greens


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