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Not Like It Was (Soopafly, Snoop Dogg, E. White, RBX)

Snoop Dogg

Tell me like it is, is
And not like it was
Tell me like it is, is
And not like it was

[repeat Chorus]

[Snoop Dogg]
I give a panel to my man with my right hand
I roll a blunt with my left hand
Give it to the best man
Testing, testing one-two
Do you hear what I'm talkin bout
Am I coming through (come on)
Big Snoopy sky sushi
Don't fuck wit a broad
Unless she kickin in the koochie
Like the big homie Moochie
He say sport Snoop Dogg Clothing
Fuck Gucci
I gotta keep it true see
A lotta niggaz talk shit but wont do shit to me
Catch me on the streets
Or catch me in the club
Or catch me on the screen
Or catch me if you can
Or catch me wit a hundred thousand in my hand
Catch me chillin' in a C-boy stance
Or hangin' in the hood doin a C-Walk dance


Yeah, uh huh
Well ok
Now let me break it heat for ya
Tell ya how it went
I'ma really tell ya why these bitches ain't shit
I let a hoe get close and get em watch close
All up in my house though
I was diggin out, yeah
Baby want to feel with Soopa really all about me
How I'm livin' good and other niggaz in a drought, huh
How I got these biggas feelin' like they wanna shout me
How I get my cap out my six-four, bounce
How I'm fresh, clean with eleven hoes on my team
Runnin' they thoughts and runnin' most of they dreams
Sometimes call me daddy
Sometimes king
Hold my thing
Don't fuck wit my rings
Keep my make-up off them jeans

[E. White]
I stay holdin' my nuts in
Runnin' my trap in
Showin' these sluts wots happening
Oh yeah I used to get wet up
Throw a set up
Act loud all night wouldn't shut up
But I'm high with the Dogg, nigga what up
And that's the homie Soopafly muthafucker
Somethin I been wantin to say to y'all niggas
That's speak on me and the homies that roll wit us
Some real hard hitters
We live in churches and so we keep God with us
We got the narrator R wit us
And the home boy Kokane oh boy it's on again, come on


Narrator hit 'em wit the flash blood flow
Bitch nigga drown in the under tow
We chop the spot like thunder though
Bitch niggaz step in will blunder bro
Let me tell y'all how it really is
X down with Snoop it ain't no quiz
From me Aaliyah mo thicker than water
Once missiles are launched mo quicker the slaughter
Bloody murder
Got to do it, strike back with a vengeance, thought y'all knew
In the past tense, done did it
Catch you slip in the club you done shit it
Admit it, we blaze a trail
Without us on your team you'll fail
Me n Soopa doop, my nigga E-White
Wit Kokane n Snoop
Bitches jock all night
We gang-bang


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