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Let Me Explain (Feat. Erick Sermon)

Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

[Verse 1: Erick Sermon]
I'm like go, team Eric', I was born with dopeness, just why you inherit
This is why I'm hot
Playboy, approach me wrong, this is why I shot
Ball, I get the game from my pop
Till everyone know my name the game don't stop
So I keep pumping the block, until I'm big as Rihanna and Mason's rock
While you love Sosa, I'm over here, loving this RG3 redskin that's on my sofa
Her ass alone, man, bigger than Oprah
Puerto Rican and Dominican, first name Rosa
Anyway, let me explain one time
Foowzy, we up in here making the movie
Check slate, it's a wrap, I'm a bigger nigga with figure
You figure how's that

But wait, let me explain this
But wait, let me explain this
Say I'm the best
Little ass nigga, say It with your chest
Hey, hey nigga look real quick
Hey, hey nigga look real quick
Hey, hey nigga look real quick
Hey, hey nigga look real quick

[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]
My money bigger than homie, you funny niggas is phony
Tony told me just show me so I gotta get mine
Let me just slip into the back of the wide
Open your eyes, let your window down
Now you on the passenger side
Get in, now you get it, better yet, with it
One come test me now, tell 'em the line get it
And bit them off a chip or the block or the wood
Little homie couldn't rock if he could
Click cocking and pull, hip hoping over the lot of the bull
And yes, I am paid in full, for shizzle minizay
That's all I'mma here say, all kisses 'cause I'm too mean
Too cold, too slick
Hey, hey nigga look quick
That nigga Snoop about to take your bitch with no hesitation or explanation


[Verse 3: Method Man]
Like a room full of black, uproar heat
They see the flow back, getting all geek
It's like I'm Pete Charles, from Mall Street
They come and count money but talk cheap
But rappers walk quick and I'm all feet
Every line authentic, that's all me
My man son autistic, that's low key
That Wire I go and get it, I'm so G
That why with the fittest, so low key
Thats why killer critic with no fee
Then tell the judge I did it and go free
E, double E, my codeine, letst throw the book at em, what's your plea?
Guilty as charged, thats how it is when you're guilty or charged
Took a bunch of death artists and built me a squad
What's today's mad bill with the guard
We eat women in cars, lock the game down I'm givin it bars
What is life if you ain't living it large?
If you ain't living it large go get the price check it and get you a job
But wait


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