Snoop Dogg

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

Dr. Dre
Imagine it never happened
Imagine no rappin’
Imagine niggas trapped
Imagining having action
Imagine how these niggas could react
And if we never got this shit crackin’
Imagine life so hard
You can’t imagine
It’s like living in the City of God
You feel me
Imagine life on the yard
Or trying to get that dollar
On some shitty ass job
Imagine Biggie with his son
Or imagine Pac getting called Pop by one
Imagine a mother struggling
Dealing with a system
That don’t give a fuck
About who shot her son
Imagine life where you can’t win
When you get out the ghetto
And go right to the pen
When you get out the pen
You go right to the gin
So if get back to the streets
You go right back in
Imagine Russell still struggling
No Def Jam
Just another nigga hustlin’
And ain’t no rocks on dem fellas
Just rocks on them dealers
Just trying to keep it bubblin
Imagine niggas just stuck
From the east to the west coast
Everybody’s fucked up
I can’t imagine no less
But it don’t take imagination
To know niggas been blessed
With Hip Hop

Imagine a world
Where most black men die young
Forced to gang bang
Or sell dope and crack to the young
Yeah, well that’s where we hail from
The slum
Where most folks ain’t welcome
So you dog or you loc
Smoke coke or you sell some
Imagine growing up feeling country
Imagine not understanding
Why you got it the worst
Now try to imagine my tears
Imagine your people being in slavery
For a hundred years
And imagine you never knew it
Imagine how bad since then
That you would have been going through it
Imagine if rap wasn’t out yet
Imagine having all this pain
Built up, with no outlet
Imagine how many lives would be ruined
If it wasn’t for hip hop
Imagine what we’d all be doing
Imagine me sitting on a porch or a stool
Just bullshitting and never being called Snoop
Imagine if the government
Was hoping for good
Imagine if they never put
Dope in the hood
I mean imagine if they let us
Mold the youth
Imagine if these mother fuckers
Just told the truth
Imagine if they wasn’t haters
Imagine what would rap be
If we wasn’t the originators
Now let your imagination run away
Imagine life without hip hop
Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre

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