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I Drink I Smoke (Feat. Belly)

Snoop Dogg

Regravação de Belly (Rapper)

I drink, I smoke
Bitch, I go harder sippin on Patron till it taste like water
I drink, I smoke
And who the f-ck cares
Smoking on this kush till it taste like air

I drink, I smoke (x8)
Bitch I go harder sippin on patron till it taste like water
I drink I smoke
And who the fuck cares
Smoking on this kush till it taste like air
I drink I smoke (x8)

[Snoop Dog - Verse 1]
Can ya, can ya get me high
Im feeling like Im floating through the friendly skies
Baby baby can ya fix me something nice with ice
Overseas with some Gs doing what I like
Repremendo, fulla endo
Blowing like Im posed to blow
Lil Joe from cocamo, all he do is toke and blow
Comfortable, knock a hoe, mix cran and vodka tho
Make her lock her do cause Im so biteable, edible, likeable
Yada da fiend got what I need, know what I mean, burn
On our Ps and our Cs we got trees to burn
So listen up grab your bottle lift it up
Grab that blunt and blaze it up
You know why


[Belly - Verse 2]
Hi, hi, man I feel so high
Why they call it high when I be feeling so goodbye?
Im smoking on that shit yo mama told you never try
I be drinking on that shit that make you wanna tell a lie
You can say Im gone when I be on that patron
And I brought a zone of kush
You might just need a cushion to zone
They can say its wrong when the day is long
And we dont wanna go home
We wanna get fucked up to our favorite songs


[Belly - Verse 3]
Drunk drunk man I feel so drunk
Baby I dont really dance but I can beat it like a drum
I stumble out the club being greeted by the sun
And really fuck a pound cause I get weed in by the ton
She wants to rock so I just popped the Ciroc
Watch Ill bet by 5 oclock the panties drop on the dot
Baby dont you stop go round and round go up and down like the stocks
I got so high that I ended up at the top


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