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Conversations (Feat. Stevie Wonder)

Snoop Dogg

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment

[Snoop Dogg]
Brothers is wack by popular demand
Chasin fame and girls livin they life on cruise control
But tell me; what do it profit a man
to gain a whole world livin trife but then lose his soul?
I'm here to wake my peoples up from they dreamin
Kill every demon and snakes that make, even feds steamin
Even though my star gleamin man my life ain't trouble-free
Homie take it from me, Snoopy D-O-double-G

[Stevie Wonder]
It's no better people who have left the problems of today
Leavin to conclude that for their life is not the way
But every problem has an answer, and if yours you cannot find
You can talk it over to Him, He'll give you piece of mind
When you feel your life's too harr-arrd
Just go have a talk with Go-ood

[Snoop Dogg]
So much drama on the ave, the copper just laughed
Man the West is wild, that old hit was wrong
Cause out here, momma don't have, and poppa don't have
As God blessed the child that can go get his own
And we struggle hard suffer long, I'm feelin like this life is a trip
Tryin to keep our hearts pure through the sins
But the race ain't to the swift or the strong, the wise or the rich
But to them they can endure to the end and win

[Stevie Wonder]
When you feel your life's too harr-arrd
Just go have a talk with Go-ood... yeahheyy
[scatting to a harmonica]
Out here the only free psychiatrist, that's known throughout the world
Is fall in love by walks of all men and women, it's all boys and girls
When you feel your life's too harr-arrd
Just go have a talk with Go-ood

[Snoop Dogg]
Whether it's soldiers on the cell block or homies on the run
With God, man ain't no obstacles that you can't overcome

[Stevie Wonder]
When you feel your life's too harr-arrd
Just go have a talk with Go-ood

[Snoop Dogg]
You're so frustrated, worryin 'bout your bread
And some mornings, you don't even wanna get out the bed

[Stevie Wonder]
When you lose too much too baad
Just go talk to God and prayy

[Snoop Dogg]
And you's a good women, but you can't understand
why it seems like you ain't never gon' find yourself a good man

[Stevie Wonder]
When you feel your life's too HARR-ARRD
Just go have a talk with Go-ood

[Snoop Dogg]
Mothers on welfare or ladies that's strippin
You under so much pressure, feel like your sanity's slippin

[Stevie Wonder]
When you feel your life's too harr-arrd!
Just go have a talk with Go-ood, hmm
He'll never never let you down

[S. W.] You know that, don't you Snoop?
[Dogg] You know I know it Uncle Steven
[S. W.] Oh I know that too, we know it
[Dogg] Yeah we do
[S. W.] Thanks a lot man
[Dogg] Nah thank you man I appreciate that, you know I love you
[S. W.] And I love you for what you sayin
[Dogg] God bless you

[Snoop Dogg]
And you can catch me down on my knees, askin the Lord please
Even Jes' pray, hey, with difficulty comes ease
There's disease, poverty, congestion or oppression
I'm askin for your protection
and thanking you for your blessing
Confession is good for the soul, that's how I'm tryna roll
Be one of the greats
see the Pearly Gates now that's the goal
Until then, forgive my sin if that ain't askin too much
Now that's tabernacle, chuuch!

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