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Catch Me In Traffic (feat. Mac Lucci)

Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

It was right around 2AM
That's when the kush kicked in
And now I'm rollin' down a back street
You can roll right past me
Ain't got no time for the bullshit
But you'll catch me in traffic
You'll catch me in traffic, traffic
You'll catch me in traffic, traffic
You'll catch me in traffic, traffic

[Verse 1]
Roll the windows up, let the blunt burn - my turn
I done went Stevie Wonder, I don't see you niggas
Ridin' four-deep, me and three freaky bitches
Infatuated by my lifestyle
Slidin' down a back street, I'm a night owl
Presidential pimpin' so the window tinted
Kush, medical jar filled with endo, in it
Full box of Swisher Sweets
Kush reekin' from the leather seats
Motherfuckers yappin', I don't hear 'em
Fuck them suckas, I don't fear 'em
I'm speedin' through traffic
Kush smokin', I'm blasted
With a pocket full of money


[Verse 2]
BMW - bitches, music and weed
I've got the flyest girls, I puff the fire, no seeds
Sucker-ducker, baby, I'm so inspired to be me
That's why I ride low-key, high as a tree
Ridin' 'round buzzin', what it do, cousin?
You ain't gotta like my style, but your boo love me
Pockets fatter than Precious, I am the freshest
Yellow gold on my necklace
Just left the club, homie on the guest list
Kush blowin', 2 AM, that's breakfast
Bumpin' James Brown, it's a man's world
That pinky ring on my hand a couple grand, girl
She love that I'm tatted
My speakers is blastin', flashin'
With a pocket full of money


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