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Ball Til We Ball (feat. Tha Broadus Boyz)

Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

Break up to make up, wake up to cake up
And spanky-danky with me, we gon' bake up
Null and void, modest toys
I'm 'bout to to present to y'all the Broadus Boyz
And we gon' ball 'til the day we ball
Ball 'til the day we ball
We gon' ball 'til the day we ball
We gon' ball 'til the day we ball

[Verse 1]
Top Dogg - Basset Hound
A dream of mines is to pass it down
To my two boys, 'cause I remember back
When they used to roll with me, sittin' on my lap
Doin' photo shoots for Jet magazine
Shout-out to the boss lady, yeah, that's my queen
What a team, it's all in fun
Now the story be Cory B, no guns
Point blank, yeah we gettin' bank
We on Instagram, takin' pictures with my fam
Now everybody and they mama tryna get that application Snoopified
So they can float with us, and go with us and roll with us
But we ain't really trippin', that's what's wrong us
And how they get along with us
Got the whole world tryna do a song with us


[Verse 2]
We ballin', we swishin' and goin' on missions
Headed to the right position, like the top, like where them blimps is
Got a lot of ambition, zoomin', changin' transmission
Got 'em lookin', like "who is this? "
It's them Broadus Boyz, boy, we makin' noise
Sit back, listen and enjoy
Champions repeating, y'all not winning money
Ten, we undefeated, million-dollar business
Menace rippin', Cali livin' on the beach with palm trees
A hundred deep, lookin' like an army
We feelin' the breeze, the ballin' nothin' to me
Been doin' this since a youngin
You shootin' lay-ups, we dunkin'
7-calorie bumpin', keep it live and keep it jumpin'
In the junction pop-poppin' with the youngins
We keep it 100, he on top of his money
Ballin' 'til we ball, Summer to Fall, we hotter than all
On the loose, we the truth in the booth, dippin' in the Coupes
Bangin'... and Lil' Snupe
We've got the juice


[Verse 3]
Me and my brother loop on, we don't fuck with them coupons
We dip OG in fruit punch, we don't care where you from
Come from where niggas do bring guns
But the only gun I got is my doobie
My life is on tour, so my life is a movie
Goin' to shows, tryna roll, doing everything, weary
Though she gotta be wishin' that she could fuck with this pimpin'
'Cause it was taught, not given
Y'all life is bought, not livin'
And maybe that's what's the difference, I'm still in the kitchen
'Cause cops still in my business, throwin' rocks at my bitches
Dog, I'm livin' the livin', dog
I'm just livin' the livin'... so the cops in my business
The bitch got different feelings
It's that lane switchin', groupie twistin' young brother 'bout his business


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