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All My Hoes (feat. Suga Free)

Snoop Dogg

Thats My Work 2 (Mixtape)

[Verse 1]
Late night, hangin' on the corner
East Long Beach, California
Daytonas when I run up on ya
Real dog, bitch, tryna catch a boner
I get what I get, I'm a goner
And smoke more dope than a stoner
I sip what I sip when I sip
Don't flip when I trip on a bitch, 'cause I'm on one
Haul ass for the cash
Snoop Dogg came back for your ass
Grass and trees, ass up, bitch, on your knees
Do what I please
I break the bitch slow
Take her, make her get more
Even if she never sold her pussy hole before
It's a slow process
Rub my fingers up your dress
Hold these nuts, it's a test
Hide this package in your breasts
Don't say no, always say yes
You are my, my best
Oh yeah, what it do?
That's why I wrote this song for you

All my bitches, all my hoes
Fly ones, tight ones, and even the white ones
All my bitches, all my hoes
Gang intervention, in your position
All my bitches, all my hoes
Don't say shit, bitch, keep it on the low
All my bitches, all my hoes
For the Dogg, protocol, you know

[Verse 2]
I won't get caught, I refuse
A nigga just chose, so I choose you
Really not tryna confuse you, or abuse you, or misuse you
It's back to the bed frame
Real P. I. , all in your head game
I said it slow - woo-op, boo-op, now let it go
I got the bitch that makes the most cash
I got the bitch that's got the most ass
She's a lawyer with a visa
So I blaze my trees up
And she'll help my keep my Gs up
And that's what it do
That's why I wrote this song for you

[Interlude: Suga Free]


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