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Not That Kind of Girlfriend

Smoking Popes

I can see my life stretching out before me
And it isn't really mine
There's so much that I have yet to experience
There's not much time left

I don't wanna be held down
I don't wanna think about you when you're not around
Listen to the crazy new sound
It's the beat of a heart that is bigger than you now

Not that kind of girlfriend <i>[repeat three more times]

I can feel your arms tightening around me
And I can't breathe
Don't know who I am or what I believe in
And you're not helping

I don't wanna wear your ring
I just want to meet people that I find interesting
And here's another thing
I don't wanna fall in love till I'm 35

Not that kind of girlfriend <i>[repeat until end of song]

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