All In All

Smith Point

take me now
if you want me
with all these questions
I can't leave here now
if where you're going
is where i'd leave to find you now

you know more
than I'd say
when you took my words away
and all I question
is will you give me everything

all in all I said goodbye
time to time I never really know
how it all had hurt you so
all in all I said too much
time to time I only wanted more
more than you can ever know

but then I go back
yo where you're at
to find the feeling I forgot
well I don't ever need to feel that way

take me now
the lines have faded
my hope has left in you
to be here now
you heart's escaped
your body's left
you're on your way

all the time I thought you'd know well
all the time I needed you to stay
all the time I needed someone
all the time I needed you to say
"I needed you today, I needed you that way"

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