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Eye Of The Storm


Eye Of The Storm

Sunshine, on a rainy day.
Keeps the dark away, from me
Moonlight, on a stormy night,
Makes me feel alright, keeps me sane
I’ve made up my mind it’s so clear to me.
I’m walking away from society
Packing my van, leaving all behind.
To find a place where I’m happy deep inside

In the eye of the storm, it’s quiet, it’s peaceful
Free from all this chaos
Eye, in the eye of the storm
I’m stronger, I’m emperor
I live my life the way I want and choose.

Sunshine, in my rear view,
As I wonder down the dusty road
Moonlight, as I camp at night,
Beside the beach, this is not me
I did all I can to save you girl
But the bullet shot through to end your world
How could you leave me here on my own
I’m all messed up and that’s why I gotta find


Without you, there’ll be no sun,
No more bright day there’s only grey
Without you, there’ll be no air,
There’ll be no spring, no anything
Without you, it’s not the same,
There’s only pain, nothing to gain
Without you, there’ll be no love,
There’ll be no peace
No reason to live.


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