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Frank & Harry


The Goal
I can make you whole
Change your scrimmage, image,
Everything about you plus give you soul
Come on with me,
Let’s get heavy visionary, hit you,
Get you into a new you that’ll fit you
True, everyone will see what you let them see
Who you want to be you can be, trust me
You want to look like a video chick from MTV?
An independent woman like Destiny
Or get stronger like that girl Britney
Or look good in your jeans like Hallie Berry
From suburban bland to Hollywood sexy
New clothes technology forge a new identity
Girls lypo-suck tummy tuck improves luck
Small chest frustration – implantation
Boys – you’re the viagra generation
Life is a sport, male domination
Be strong, love your ladies long long
It’s all about manhood, don’t get it wrong
I will show exactly what you need to buy
To make you a better, more complete, attractive person

A house, a car, guitar - there you are
Some shoes, tattoos, I’ll help you choose

Some clothes, a nose, lips, hips, some bling
Baby let me see you shake your thing

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