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Consume or Be Consumed



Consume or be consumed
Consume or be consumed

[Verse 1]
I've got the whole fucking scene on my dinner plate
Try and imitate, intimidate and get incinerate
And it's my job to shift and twist the fate and innovate the views in this debate
I'll make these weak guys disintegrate
Might have to go full steam on these little fakes
Making moves while these Mickey takes are doing figure eights
Invigilator, check out my target then obliterate
Lap these wise guys five times

Consume or be consumed
Consume or be consumed

[Verse 2]
Dinosaurs with tiger claws and Minotaurs in lycra shorts
That's what happens when I take the time to pause and write my thoughts
I've tried to fight the force but I can't find the right support
So I'll just do a bomb of sea salt and snort a line of chalk
Sometimes I'm online wanking over cyber porn
Other times I'm in your shower sniffing your conditioner
Might take a psycho walk up psychopath
Cut both my legs off

Consume or be consumed
Consume or be consumed

[Verse 3 - Mike D]
Out on a mini quest, something you've never seen before
Go on tour, chop off the dick of a Minotaur
News reports of stolen thoughts
Getting caught, day in court
Out of sorts, take no shorts
Always quick to blame and fault
Now get your shit together, brother
Caught out with your junk up

Consume or be consumed
Consume or be consumed

You will consume
You'll eat what you are fed
Breath in the dirty air people
Take a bite
Open wide
Take control

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