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Over The Border


Well I've spent too long in the deep north,
the land of the big peanut
It ain't that great in the Police State
They burn down the hippies huts

They turn back the clocks a decade
they bust you for no reason
The sun shines the whole year 'round
The shotguns' still in season

Get me over the border, get me over the border
Down to New South Wales

The girls' are sweet & juicy
Oh so brown & blonde
but watch out for the young ones
You wont get no bond

They don't treat you too well

Down in Bogga Road jail
Make a break,make a break for the border
with the dogs running on your tail

Over the border put some wind in my sails
Over the border put some wind in my sails
Get me over the border down to New South Wales

It's a nice place to visit
But I wouldn't want to stay
I might want to march in the street some day
But ol' Joh wont let me have my say
So I'll get on down to Coolangatta
And get on my way

Get over the border
Get this rocket on the rails Put some wind in my sails
I got my foot to the floor I don't know what I went there for
Get out of Queensland I'm only going back with a gun in my hand
I got me a mango one day they're gonna hang Joh

Over the border put some wind in my sails
over the border get my wheels on the rails
Get me over the border down to new south wales

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