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Down In Mexico

Skeets McDonald

I'm down in Mexico had to go I won't be home no more
I want mom and dad to know I love and miss them so
But I'll never see them anymore

This story I've just got to tell the folks back home don't kknow
They all think I'm doing well down here in mexico

The day that I turned twenty-one I could hardly wait
To tell my mom and dad goodbye and shake the hand of fate

Now fate was with me from the start till that fateful day
A big man took my sweetheart I took his life away

I stood and watched her in his arms I couldn't believe my eyes
Then in a jealous rage I flashed the blade and then I cut him down besides
I stood and watched him as he fell then I heard the whistle blow
And when I thought about that prison cell I thought of old Mexico

I'm down in Mexico had to go...
No I'll never see them anymore

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