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What Does It Worth


A just this you know
Just get up and go
I and I have to rise to the fullness
His own devine majesty
Emperor Haile Salassie
So long we a burn them fire
Some a them waan bring down themselves inna slavery
A just Ethiopia the chant you know

What does it worth, without love ?
Put away your distrust and your grudge
Words without work is not enough
And everyday you make a pull, the journey get rough
What is this world without love ?
Put away your distrust and your grudge
Words without work is not enough
And everyday you make a try the journey get tough

Verse 1:
You remember when you trodding through the valleys of the region ?
Jumping the follies, all the doubts and confusions
Giving obstacles, so many trouble you buck up on
Things a go the other way
When a never so you set your plan
Words of the wicked is pollution
Caan bring no stress nor no strain inna Zion
Emperor Selassie is the only foundation
Only Emmanuel relieve the frustration
You want to be free from the corruption
Me tell you such is life from the creation
Only Marcus Garvey show the situation
I only chant fi repatriation


Verse 2:
From the things in life you can't walk away
Whatsoever it brings, it will have to stay
According to your words, a double death you pay
Keep the smile on your face, make it an easy day
Me know them weak, so them gone astray
Wolf amongst the sheep, them deh deh same way
See me and a creep fi make a better way
One man fly the seal, a King Selassie I me sey
Some a them a sleep, even before them pray
Getting it right a come a lion bay
Through un-devine only if you stay
In a the right line, you see the right way
Selassie will be blazing I praise him
Remember that is blackness me still a say


Verse 3:
There is no sense in turning back
Get right by your friend, whether you are a idiot
This world want love to put them out pon top
Some a them say that them have it
But me know say them no have
Much easier if we all could share
No distrust nor envy must be in here
Dirty mind people, a time fi you care
What is not yours, me say don't interfere

Chorus / Repeat Verse 1

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