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Yeah man! well I say...blessed are those who trust in him
Emperor Haile Selassie is the almighty,no?
Den again-him tell mih,nah low
Nyabinghi chanting all,one,two...ey! see Kolanji dey

[Verse 1:]
When there's no pain,in the absence of your culture be strong,ow
True people remain,mih youths,never forget where yuh come from,woo,woo
The system make,the system break the heart of those not knowing
where they belong
The feelings ache,the whole vibes change
Give it ah meditation

Ay,ay,ay,ey juvenile
With yuh black inheritance be satisfied
Ay,ay,ay,therefore be wise,yow
The earth is like possession,see yuh smile
Ay,ay,ay,he juvenile,yow-with the little that yuh gain be satisfied
Ay,ay,ay,therefore be wise,yow-the earth is like
possession of prosperity,umm

[Verse 2:]
The reason for life is to love and share,give thanks & praise
We love to stand with might,the people words are always
in the atmosphere,ow
We're all the same,be on pride and shame
So get ah load ah dat,hot-red hot!
And we will see our face,at the very place
Black people frame like Gibraltar Rock

Ay,ay,ay,hail juvenile-with yuh black inheritance be satisfied
Ethiopia child,be dignified,yow--the righteous fruit never spoil
Ay,ay,ay,tell me why yuh cry,yow--with yuh black inheritance
be satisfied
Ay,ay,ay,he juvenile,yow-ah tell yuh now therefore be wise,Jah!

[Verse 3:]
Speak aloud,oww-say from yuh heart King Rastafari lives
And I know the crowd will love to rejoice and be positive,ey!
What about your child,can't be running wild
So take up tings in ah yuh hand,yow,woman and man
The personal feeling what you have against yuh sisthren-put it away

Ay,ay,ay,he juvenile-with the black inheritance be satiafied
Ay,ay,ay,tell me why youy cry,ey!-the earth is like possession,
see yuh smile
Ay,ay,ay,he juvenile,ey!--the black inheritance be satisfied
Afri-,African child,be dignified,yow! The righteous fruit never spoil
Ah tell yuh now

[Verse 1:]
When there's no gain,in the absence of your culture be strong,ow
To people remain,never forget where yuh coming from
Yhe system break,the system make the heart of those
not knowing where they belong
The feelings ache and now the whole vibes ah change
Tell dem give it ah meditation

Ay,ay,juvenile-with the black inheritance be satisfied
Ay,ay,ay,Ethiopian child,ow,-yeah boy yuh mus' be wise
Ay,ay,ay,juvenile-with the black inheritance be satisfied
Ay,ay,ay,tell me why yuh cry-yeah man [line fading]

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