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Veil Of Winter


Dim Days of Dolor

Tell me how does it feel
When your dreams are wrecked and lost
And confined within the sea of time
Treason, way beyond all reason
And white lie
There's a time
When the truth comes down tô die
Are your need so dire
I'm a gun for hire

The tears on her face
Are crystallized by the winter's embrace
Lost in this godforsaken
Place seems like she's fallen from grace

Winter, it's veil around her
Wither in every way
And the cold it seems is here tô stay
Silence speaks out in defiance
And hurtful ways
The road tô life has turned into a maze
Are your need so dire
I'm a gun for hire
Can you feel the fire
Burning brighter and brighter

There is not much left tô tell
The road is short from here tô hell
Toss a dime into that wishing well
The truth turns out tô be a lie
Life is just death in disguise
Once burned, then twice shy

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