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Goddess Of The Sea


Dim Days of Dolor

Scarlet and red
Flaming sunset in the distance
You're going down on the prowl, sea goddess
Never to rest
All obsessed in thy search for northwest
Vigilant eyes coming to life once again
Here in the night, in the depths of the sea
Searching the deep infinitely
With desire and greed

Coming alive, thrive in the night
Sleeping in the fire
Chest of gold, dreams unfold
Burning with desire
You are my treasure
Haven and pleasure, my pearls and gold

Give me a gust, give me the wind
And that horizon
Give me nine waves. seaman's grave
Endless sleep
I honor thee eternally, ran
My goddess of the sea
At the seashore or ocean floor
Always searching
Precious treasures all bound for your net
All you possess my sea goddess you will
Wear as a dress

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