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Fifth Column


Dim Days of Dolor

Who are you?
Who deceives your fatherland
Deceives your consanguine, your kin
And when your heartland burns
Where will you then turn
Will you wash your bloody hands, at the end

When all the walls come crumbling down
Your fields are bleeding
Your king lost his crown
You've been sleeping with the enemy
Now it's way far too late to flee
Fatherland don't give in
Motherland is screaming
Oh, you traitor, our doom

This is the final war
Breaking down our doors
You viper in the grass, impasse
The hourglass runs out
In darkness and in doubt
Driven like the snow, you'll know

Traitor, you deceitful snake
Your consanguine you did forsake
Cursed be thee, in odin's name
Treacherous disgrace, endless shame

Sirens ringing, bullets singing
This is the hour it all begins
Defeat the foe within
Here comes another dawn of war
Like before, in days of yore
Cross you heart and aim to kill
Forward on and fire at will

This is yet another dawn of war
The fifth column's scorn
Oaths were sworn, traison born
Heartland torn

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