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Nine Destinies And A Downfall

I can see you walk out again
turn your back on all your feelings
Seems you're loosing yourself again
to a void so devastating
And I can't deny I am the one,
the one to blame
for all your loss anf your fading flame

Life it feels like a frozen winter dream
like a silent scream
Life it feels like a thousand frozen tears
and the night dwells within me

I can see you break down again
All your life you're been bound to treason
On your knees and your tears descend
Oh your life's a fallen season
And time can not heal these wounds my friend,
not again
To here you'll stand to face the end

Beyond the silence
where your voices whisper to my heart
In the midst of december
on a night that comes without a star
I fall into darkness
like I've done a thousand times before
I've turned all bridges
to the treacherous world outside my door

Compositor: Morten Veland

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