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Posse On Broadway

Sir Mix-A-Lot


My posse's on broadway 2x's

Me and kid sensation at home away from home
In the black benz limo with tha cellular phone
I'm callin up my posse its time to get rippin
I'm freakin each sunroof to keep you suckas trippin
Everybody's lookin if ya jealous turn around
The amg kip keeps us closa to the ground
We're gettin good grip from the 50 series tires
The alpine's bumpin but I need the volume higher
'cause the 808 kick drum makes the girlies get dumb
We're rollin rainier and the jealous want to get some
Every time we do this sucka mc's want to battle
I'm the man they love to hate
The j. r. ewing of seattle
Picked up the posse on 23rd and jackson
Headin for the strip yes were lookin for some action
The limos kinda crowded the whole car was leanin back
Maharaji's watchin tv with two girlies on his lap
On martin luther king the set looks kinda dead
We need a new street so posse move ahead
We all look kinda swass the crew you can't forget
The mix a lot posse cold rippin up the set

My posse's on broadway
My posse's on broadway (posse up)
My posse's on broadway
My posse's on broadway

Ahh rollin in my posse was getin kinda bored
There's not anotha posse with more points scored
We don't walk around like criminals
Or flex like big gorillas
My homeboy kid sensation is a teenage lady killa
Maharaji's on the def side dancin like a freak
The girlies see his booty and their knees get weak
Larry is the white guy people think he's funny
A real estate investa who makes a lot a money
Clockin lots a dollars we all got gold
Cruisin in this benz and ain't got no place to go
Wheelin' 23rd we saw nuthin but thugs
The girlies was

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