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Victory's Time

Silent Cry

Dance Of Shadows

I hear the whisper of the wind
I see the dust coming down
I hear the murmurs and regrets
I feel the time passing by

I blow the hope of life
Life that comes and goes
Cause only the time makes time
Of lived lifetime that fades away

Alien to the pain and sore of the world
The time walks without measure
Taking dust, laziness and disgrace
Carrying the vanities of life

And moment by moment, minutes away
The wind blows, the rain cries, the sun smiles
The day is coming, and night's falling
Without losing the compass, without losing the hour

And this is time passing by
Time of glories, suffering and love
Victory's time, time's lost
Time of time that for a long time ago

Dominated by the battle of love
I ask to the time
Healing the injure and pain

And doing the duty of creation
Cause death sprouts life, time with no time
Time with no way out escape

The magic time of doubts
Begins strait to the infinite
Walks bearing to begin

Compositor: Lyrics: Ana Màrcia

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