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Silent Scream

Silent Cry

In a cold night without knowing
How it would be
It happens the most beautiful union
Supreme allience
My future would be traced by the gods
And my life a tale of glories

I know that the passion became my flesh
And the nature was uncharged of perfection
The most beautiful star from heaven
Would guide me forever

Even being involved by a world so small
I put all my life and trust right there
Even though the turbulence that gives the flesh
I´d never be abandoned be the holy protection

But in that auntumn afternoon
They decided to stop my dreams
As a comet trespassing my fortress
Making everything spins as a twister

I tried to escape but I couldn´t hide
I was trapped
No one cold hear my cry ´cause
It was silent
No one could hear my scream
Cause it was to low
As last they didn´t give me a chance to born

There is no regret because there is no way back
There is no hope because the dream is over
But I forgive those chosen to blow my life
Because I know the weren´t light
Cause they were in the darkness

Compositor: Ana Márcia Leite E Dilpho Castro

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