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Regret To Essence

Silent Cry

The night fall dressed in black
tears and torments
are spiling from the sky
upon the land of sin
thunder explode the silent of dawn
from the land of the white dreams
with brutality take of my soul
setting free in my memory
scenes of an old moment
falling down as an angel without wings
I return to the begin
Though the wall that apart of innocence
Washing the begin of the way of the end

The stage of dramas and puppets it´s opened
Is this life?
Or sarcastic delirium of cray goodness drifing forever
Sowing their monster and creations

Now the white pages will be stain
For the impure blood and from the blood
Will stand the lines of affiction
Like parts of sad poem
The innocence is braking
Asn his pieces falling slowly
As dead leaves in autumn

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