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Innocence’s Look

Silent Cry

Please, be wary, don’t get involved, be patient
I try to protect you, at every movement I’m confused
I’m left to the grieve, the moment is coming

Now I’m left with no choice but to accept the loss of you
Within reality’s filth, I’m exhausted
It is stronger than everything, for its real and touchable
I’m left to grieve, for the moment will soon be upon us

While you gaze at me, I shed tears
For I see the purity. That troubles me
Inner divergence consumes me at every instant

I look upon your purity because is sweet
And inside, I see the look of innocence
The contamination is broad, there’s no avoiding

Please, don’t look me in the eyes
How could innocence vanish in such way?
I hear a child’s cry, and it won’t let me think

Compositor: Dilpho Castro

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