You Better Pray

Signature Sound

You better pray, you better stay, down on your knees til the light comes shining through, You better sing, you better shout, Just be sure that all your sins will find you out

Better change your way of living if you're gonna get to Heaven, If your gonna meet your friends and loved ones there
Better get right with the Savior and start living in His favor, Or you'll miss the boat and wind up way down there

(Repeat Chorus)

When old Satan starts to talking, While a troubles way you're walking, Keep your head up high and trust in Jesus love
When temptations starts a knocking and your boat begins to rocking, He will lead you to that happy home above

Don't keep flirting with the Devil, keep your living on the level, Tell old Satan he ain't got no hold on you. And just take the hand of Jesus for He know us and He sees us, He know and hears and sees the things we do

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

Just be sure that all your sins will find you out

Used by permission

Compositor: George Younce

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