What A Way To Go

Signature Sound

Elijah was a prophet, Who proclaimed God's holy word, Faithful to his calling while he walked upon this earth, But when his work was finished, He never tasted death, God sent down a whirlwind, And a chariot of fire instead

What a way to go, what a way to say goodbye, what a way to leave, What a way to fly, One moment here the next one gone, From this world below, taken straight to Heaven, Oh what a way to go

There's a moment coming, And it could be any time, God will take His children in the twinkling of an eye, No sting of death will touch us, No funerals to attend, We'll be raptured by the Lord, And caught away to live with Him

2004 New Spring Publishing Inc/Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music (ASCAP) Bridge Building Music Inc (BMI) (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc)

Compositor: Joel Linsey, Sue C Smith, Ernie Haase

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