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Old Time Christian Way

Signature Sound

Look around you dear neighbor, In these times which we live, At the things you can see here today, It won't be long till Gabriel his trumpet shall sound, And the Lord comes to take his bride away

Well I wanna go back, back to the Bible, I wanna see old, old time revival, I wanna see people kneel at an old time altar to pray, I wanna see more camp meeting salvation, I wanna see saints, saints headed for Heaven, I wanna go back, back to the old time Christian way

If your life brother sister, is not what it should be Jesus saves, He'll forgive you today, You can have peace from heaven down deep in your soul, Just go back to the old time Christian way

Stamps Baxter Music/BMI (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission

Compositor: Dewey Belknap, Rupert Cravens

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