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If This Is What God Wants

Signature Sound

Verso 1
God told Abraham to rise, and take his little boy
To a lonely place they called Moriah's hill
God said, "There you'll sacrifice your precious pride and joy"
"But you'll be blessed in ways I cannot tell
He said, "Lord I trust Your perfectness as You rule from up on high"
"And though this trial is pressing us, this is how I will reply"

If this is what God wants
If this is what God says
Then who I am to doubt
Or try to figure out this circumstance?
If this is what God chose for me
In all His majesty
Then surely I can trust and lean
On what God says

Verso 2
Sometimes the storms we face in life are not what we would chose
If we have the power to choose them for ourselves
We would take the easy road thinking there's no way to lose
But we would miss the blessing of the Father's will
So we must trust His perfectness as He rules from up on high
And when those trials are pressing us this is how we should reply

Compositor: Rodney Griffin

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