I Have Seen The Lord

Signature Sound

Blinded by her tears, She didn't recognize, The Lord she loved was standing right before her eyes, Then He said her name, And the moment that she heard, A flame was lit within her that flowed out in these words

I have seen the Lord, I can't keep it to myself, I'll testify, That He's alive, What a glorious news to tell, My Savior lives, I have seen the Lord

How can I do less, Than share it now with you, The Lord I love is risen, I know that it's true, There's an empty grave, And this heart of mine believes, The resurrection story has given life to me

(Repeat Chorus)

I have seen the Cross, The blood, the nails, the crown, I have seen them take His lifeless body down, I have seen the sun set on all my hopes and dreams, Oh, but let me tell you what these eyes of faith have seen

(Repeat Chorus)

Bridge Building Music/BMI (Administered by Brentwood Benson Publishing Music Inc) All rights reserved. Used by permission

Compositor: Belinda Smith, Sue C Smith

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