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I Can't Wait For Heaven

Signature Sound

Some sweet morning, I'm gonna see that city, Set on a firm foundation, Laid by the hand of God, I've got loved ones awaiting, And I'm anticipating, yes I am, But between here and there, If I get happy, please don't think I'm odd

I can't wait for Heaven, I've gotta praise Him now, I can't wait for a golden street, underneath my feet, To shout His name out loud, He's made my life worth living, He's never let me down, I can't wait for Heaven, I've gotta praise Him now

I've seen Him turn a heartache, Into a shout of rejoicing, You wouldn't believe all the blessings. He showers down along my way, I won't wait no never, Till that sweet forever, no, Cause there's a million good reasons, To praise Him every single day

(Repeat Chorus)

Centergetic Music/ASCAP,Centergy Music/BMI/ International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Used by permission

Compositor: Dwight Liles, John Darin Rowsey

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