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I Can Never Outgive The Lord

Signature Sound

There is a place that I've read about, Where the blessings of God are stored
Where His mercy and grace are multiplied, And on sinners like me they're poured, And I learned a lesson from those gifts, Though I have heard it before, Whatever I try to do for Him, I can never out five the Lord

I can never, never, never out give the Lord, He sacrificed His very life, To give what I couldn't afford, I bring all I can bring, To my Savior my King, But somehow I end up with more, It sounds like a cliche, But I still have to say, I can never out give the Lord

I don't try to serve for what I'll get, I just want to be like Christ, And I'm never more like my precious Lord, Than when I surrender by life, But all I can give will never match the love that floods over me, Forgiveness and peace and so much joy He bestows so I can see

2004 New Spring Publishing Inc/Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music (ASCAP) Bridge Building Music Inc (BMI) (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc)

Compositor: Ernie Haase, Joel Lindsey, Sue C Smith

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