Happy Rhythm

Signature Sound

There's a happy rhythm, It's a rockin and rollin, I can feel it movin, When I'm singing this song, What a thrill to feel it movin on, And never stoppin deep within my heart, It keeps a rollin and a rockin, Rollin and a rockin and a rockin and a rollin, It's a happy rhythm in my soul, In my soul
Brother let me tell you, How I feel tell you 'bout a feelin feelin that is real, Brother let me tell you, How the glory rolls, Tell ya how it bubbles in my happy soul, Happiness is free, Its never bought a soul, Let me tell ya how I feel, Let me tell you
(Repeat Chorus Twice)
1953, renewed 1981 Mosie Lister Songs (admin. by The Copyright Co) BMI

Compositor: Mosie Lister

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