Down In My Soul

Signature Sound

Here on earth I labor daily as I go on my way, Busy making plans for tomorrow, rushing through each day, But when the weight of this world gets heavy, And I feel like I can't go on, I feel His presence and I can't help but sing this simple song

There's joy, great joy (There's joy, yes there's joy) Abiding in my soul (Way down deep in my soul) There's peace sweet peace (It's a wonderful, wonderful peace) Since I gave the Lord control (Gave the Lord control) I'm glad, so glad (I'm glad, yes I'm so glad) That he has made me whole (I have finally been made whole) Yes, I'm so happy there is great joy and peace down in my soul (Down in my soul)

One day I will take my last breath, Work down here will end, I'll be reunited with friends and loved ones once again, Oh, what a glorious celebration face to face before Christ the King, There with the chorus from all the ages, I can't wait to sing

2004 Bridge Building Music Inc (BMI) (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc)

Compositor: Belinda Smith

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