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Climbing Up The Mountain

Signature Sound

There are days I get discouraged in this world of pain and woe
There are times that I forget that this is really not my home
But I try to view the valleys as just builders of my Faith
And I set my sights on higher things and I am not afraid

I'm climbing up the mountain but I do not climb alone
There's a world of fellow travelers all around to cheer me on
Step by step I'm more determined I will make it all the way
I'm climbing up the mountain and I'll reach the top someday

I can feel the thrill of mercy with each heartache that I face
For the harder that I climb is the sweeter victory tastes
And although my feet are weary and my back is aching so
I can hear the saints all cheering
Just a few more miles to go

2004 Paragon Music Corp/Vacation Boy Music (ASCAP) (Administered by Brentwood Benson Music Publishing Inc) Heartdreams Publishing (ASCAP) (Administered by ICG Alliance Music)

Compositor: joel Lindsey, Jeff Silvey

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